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 Gunther Schuller: Beethoven: Symph. #5 / Brahms: Symph. #1  Digitally Re-mastered 
Skalkottas: Thirty-Two Piano Pieces  New! 
J. S. Bach: French Suites  New! 
Edwin Barker: Concerti for Double Bass  New! 
Yesaroun'Duo: HeavyUp/HeavyDown  New! 
Arnold Schönberg: Gurrelieder  New! 
Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: Deviation  New! 
Borromeo String Quartet: As It Was, Is, and Will Be  New! 
Gunther Schuller: Digitally 

Beethoven: Symphony #5 / Brahms: Symphony #1

This is not your ordinary CD. Specifically, it is not your ordinary symphonic recording. This is a handpicked orchestra, assembled by Gunther Schuller and comprised of players from the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Orpheus, and other preeminent chamber ensembles and free-lance stalwarts of the New York City scene, recording two giant works of the symphonic repertory. Rarely has such an extraordinary group of musicians been assembled since the 1950's heyday of classical recording in New York.
Skalkottas: New! 
Thirty-Two Piano Pieces

Skalkottas' Thirty-Two Piano Pieces (originally titled in German 32 Klavierstücke) is one of the composer's most monumental creative achievements, this from a composer whose work often enough tended to monumentality (e.g. the gigantic seventy minute long Second Symphonic Suite, the Third Piano Concerto and Fourth String Quartet, the twenty-five minute overture, The Return of Ulysses, the monumental Sonata for Basson and Piano, and the evening-long Cycle-Concert).

J. S. Bach: New! 
French Suites

Johann Sebastian Bach's well-known French Suites originated toward the end of his Cöthen period (1717-1723), and were revised many times over the enuing decades. The earliest version -- at least for the first five suites -- has survived in Bach's own hand. It is found at the beginning of a notebook the composer prepared as a gift for his second wife, which bears the title Clavier Büchlein vor Anna Magdalena Bachin [sic].

Edwin Barker: New! 
Concerti for Double Bass

Edwin Barker is recognized as one of the most gifted bassists on the American concert scene. Acknowledged as an accomplished solo and ensemble player, Mr. Barker has concertized in North America, Europe and the Far East.

Yesaroun'Duo: New! 

Arnold Schönberg: New! 

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: New! 

Borromeo String Quartet: New! 
As It Was, Is, and Will Be

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