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Books by Gunther Schuller

Schuller: The Compleat ConductorThe Compleat Conductor
by Gunther Schuller

As for those who have never raised a baton in anger, Schuller still has much to say to us.   He offers a living, loving, inside view of works he discusses, a view informed not only by his zealous listening but also by practical contact and wide reading.  
The New York Times Book Review, Paul Griffiths

book-musings.gif (12207 bytes)Musings: The Musical Worlds of Gunther Schuller
by Gunther Schuller, Milton Babbitt
Musings gathers together the essays, speeches, liner notes, dictionary entries, and magazine articles of one of the most important musical figures of the century.  The writings in this collection cover such artists as Paul Whiteman, Duke Ellington, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, Sarah Vaughan, Gil Evans, and such topics as the "Third Stream," the art of conducting, the future of opera, and the need for broadening the audience for quality music.

book-earlyjazz.gif (12201 bytes)Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development
by Gunther A Schuller

Early Jazz is one of the seminal books on American jazz.  It is the first of three volumes on the history and musical contribution of jazz, taking us from its beginnings as a distinct musical style at the turn of the century to its first great flowering in the 1930's.

Art of Jazz: Ragtime to BebopThe Art of Jazz: Ragtime to Bebop
by Martin Williams (Editor), Gunther Schuller (Afterword)
"A brilliant study of the whole of jazz." —Jazz Journal
Although the essays describing musicians at work (rehearsing, recording, performing) reveal a singular insight into the jazzman's creative process, it is in the historical and analytical pieces--spanning the history of the music from Jelly Roll Morton to Ornette Coleman--that the extraordinary depth and scope of Williams's perceptiveness is most evident.

Horn TechniqueHorn Technique
by Gunther Schuller

The foremost modern horn technique book, including chapters on he instrument and the mouthpiece, tone production, warm-up and other basic exercises, legato, legato tonguing, staccato, miscellaneous aspects of horn playing, the art of practising [sic], some notes for composers and conductors, and repertoire list.

book-notquite.gif (11625 bytes)Not Quite Innocent Bystander: 
Writings of Edward Steuermann

by Edward Steuermann, David H Porter (Editor), Clara Steuermann (Editor), Gunther A. Schuller (Editor), Richard Cantwell (Translator),   Charles Messner (Translator)
Steuermann was hardly a bystander. A pupil of composer Schoenberg and a noted teacher and performer, he was an active participant as well as acute observer and incisive critic of the new music scene between 1910 and 1964. This is an uneven collection of writings, several of them incomplete jottings, some witty, others complex to the point of obscurity, many quite profound and informative.  Steuermann deals with issues as diverse as serial composition and stage fright.
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