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Brooklyn Primal
Presents Evidence
New release!

For good or for worse, past or present, evidence of existence is everywhere. However, some forms of evidence are more subtle than others. The manifestation of creative expression is indeed one of the most subtle and sublime forms of evidential proof, ultimately showing that existence is much more than the sum of its parts. We create, therefore we are.

This debut recording of a relatively new group, Brooklyn Primal, is in its own way, the evidence that freedom and structure can and must coexist. It is a reflection of life in all its complex glory and, in the end, it is creativity and improvisation, which propels the Universe forward.

All the members of this fine ensemble seem to be aware of these things and despite the fact that this music comes out of the Jazz tradition it also expresses the universal concept that there really are no limits. Brooklyn Primal presents its own “Evidence” of that truth. Check it out!


Qty: ∑ Price: $12.00 ∑

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Bill McHenry, tenor sax; Nicole Kampgen, alto sax, vocals; Jerome Harris, guitar; Ed Schuller, bass, vocals; Pete Davenport, drums
1.   Evidence - Thelonious Monk (arr. Schuller) 7:47
2.   Airborne - Pete Davenport 6:26
3.   Enough Said - Ed Schuller 7:12
4.   Lower Part of the Mirror - Arto Tuncboyacian 7:25
5.   Meant To Be - Schuller 8:15
6.   Wrong Way Up - Davenport 9:04
7.   Bleep This - Schuller 6:05

Why Don't We Get It - Schuller

Addition - Schuller 7:01
Primal :12
Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY on Jan 28 & May 18, 2012
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller

"Accolades must be awarded to bassist Ed Schuller who will grace any project with his profound and well stated bass lines."  — CD Review

"Schuller possesses an awesome technical command over his instrument, combined with rhythmic  strength and a gorgeously full, deeply round sound. That sound and tone is a joy to hear in Schuller's solos." — The Star Ledger

"As a drummer, Davenport has a light touch; often splashing around like a cymbal-happy Paul Motian, though when he drives the band more aggressively, he sounds a bit like Joey Baron. He gets excellent support from the ever simpatico Ed Schuller, whose muscular bass consistently drives the music forward." — AllAboutJazz

"[Jerome Harris]...proven jazz warrior" — Downbeat






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