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The Mosaic Sextet
THE MOSAIC SEXTET coverThis newly re-mastered set includes the group’s German release, Today, This Moment, and a second disc of never-before-released material.  The Mosaic Sextet also features the earliest Dave Douglas and Michael Jefry Stevens compositions available on CD and the first collaboration (of many) between Douglas and violinist Mark Feldman.

“The Mosaic Sextet was an important band for me.  For one thing, it allowed me to make my first forwards into extended composition.  The instrumentation, with the violin and bassoon” — which are not traditionally jazz instruments — helped me break the three horns/three rhythm section formula of most jazz writing.  The group freed me up ... there was a spirit of trying to do something new and original.” —Dave Douglas

“Dave Douglas is a composer in the great creative tradition of Ellington and Mingus, and the Mosaic Sextet is one of the finest combinations of composition and improvisation I have heard in the last ten years.”
—Gunther Schuller

Qty: · 2-CD Price: $20.00 ·

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Dave Douglas, trumpetMichael Jefry Stevens, pianoMark Feldman, violin
Michael Rabinowitz, bassoonJoe Fonda, bassHarvey Sorgen, drums
Disc 1 67:39   Disc 2 66:08
1.   Mosaic - Dave Douglas*** 6:57   1.  Underground - Douglas** 9:11
2.   Gang Wars - Douglas*** 1:55 2.  Anthem - Stevens** 12:16
3.   Mr Phinney - Michael Jefry Stevens* 6:51 3.  Motivation - Michael Rabinowitz** 7:50
4.   In Progress - Douglas*** 5:52 4.  Earth Tones - Douglas* 13:55
5.   Oskar - Stevens* 7:09 5.  Bassoon Lines - Rabinowitz* 9:18
6.   Superconductor - Douglas*** 9:05 6.  Afternoon - Stevens** 13:36
7.   Drum Song - Stevens*** 3:39
8.   Trio for Sextet - Stevens** 5:20
9.   Children’s Somber Dance - Douglas*** 5:07  
10. Today, This Moment - Stevens* 14:31  

Recorded at Dreamland Recording Studio in West Hurley, NY (*Jan. 19, 1988), at Rockin’ Reel Studios in East Northport, NY (**Feb. 2, 1989) and at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, NJ (***Mar. 5, 1990)

Producers: Mosaic Sextet
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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