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Andy Biskin Quintet:
DOGMENTAL coverA traditional New Orleans frontline of clarinet, trumpet and trombone explores novelty soundtrack music ala Raymond Scott, while bringing fresh ideas to waltzes, ballads, marches and rags.

Andy Biskin received a grant from Meet the Composer for a 1999 concert with the Jazz Composers Collective which combined his music and film work.  This recording, featuring some of the hottest young leaders in jazz today, showcases his eclectic, sometimes humorous compositional style.

"An excellent clarinetist with a light, appealing sound, Biskin writes charming tunes that bring cool jazz into a more contemporary dimension."
Gary Giddins,
Village Voice

Qty: CD Price: $12.00

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Andy Biskin, clarinetRon Horton, trumpetBruce Eidem, trombone;
Ben Allison, bassMatt Wilson, drums
Also: Andy Eulau, bassBruce Hall, drums.
1.   "Laughing Stock" 2:26   9.  "No Bones" 4:47
2.   "Field Days" 8:55 10.  "Table Manners" 3:09
3.   "Sad Commentary" 3:42 11.  "Good Question" 3:24
4.   "As the Crows Fly" 3:33 12.  "Brunching at the Bistro" 6:36
5.   "My Sentiments Exactly" 8:10 13.  "Story Line" 4:28
6.   "Dogmental" 5:10 14.  "Flim Flam" 6:23
7.   "Little Elsa" 3:39 15.  "Off Peak" 3:43
8.   "Rondel" 4:17
Total time: 72:24
Recorded on 14-15 July 1998 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn NY, and 17 June 1996 at Hillside Sound Studio in Englewood NJ.
Producers: Andy Biskin, Gunther Schuller
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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