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Mark Helias:
FICTIONARY coverThis premiere US release (and GM debut) has captured the electricity of Mark Helias’s live performance prowess at two different Dutch music festivals in 1995 (the Groningen Jazz Festival) and 1996 (Nijmegen Music Meeting).  Helias is joined by NYC downtown’s Mark Feldman (violin), Ellery Eskelin (tenor) and drummers Tom Rainey or Mike Sarin in a setting of compositions that exude balance and form, rhythmic interaction, odd metrical sub-divisions and open form improvisation.

A veteran of many groups including those led by such masters as Anthony Davis, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Ray Anderson and Anthony Braxton, Helias’s present quintet has been praised by Pulse! magazine for its ability to “slide across musical planes with the kind of witty, graceful inevitability that bespeaks well-honed craft and an ever more recognizable voice.”

Qty: · CD Price: $12.00 ·

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Mark Helias, bassMike Sarin, drumsTom Rainey, drums*Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophoneMark Feldman, violin
1. The Comb Over 9:39
2. Looking Up from Heaven 6:20
3. Hands Down 10:50
4. Fictionary* 7:42
5. Area 51* 10:48
6. Douglas Fir* 2:26
7. Haymaker 6:56
All compositions by Mark Helias.
Recorded live at the 1995 Groningen Jazz Festival* and the 1996 Nijmegen Music Meeting.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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