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New England Ragtime Ensemble:
The Art of Scott Joplin
THE ART OF SCOTT JOPLIN coverMaestro Gunther Schuller scores again with this album of ragtime favorites, performed by the legendary New England Ragtime Ensemble.  Recorded in 1974 and originally released in limited supply on vinyl only, the once-extremely-rare find is now remastered, repackaged and finally available on CD.  (Also see Volume 1, The Art of the Rag.)

This recording focuses on ragtimes greatest pathbreaker, Scott Joplin. These rare orchestrations have been exhumed through the tireless efforts of ragtime curators, archivists and scholars such as William Russell, Vera Brodsky Lawrence, Richard B Allen and the Archive of New Orleans Jazz, then brought to life by the extraordinary performances of Schuller and his talented young group.  Eight of the rags are performed in their original orchestrations, while four hitherto unorchestrated works are heard for the first time in instrumentations by Schuller.

This is Joplin at his towering best, astonishingly foreshadowing developments in the jazz of later years, presaging Ravels sophisticated treatment of waltz rhythms, and influencing everyone from Debussy to Ives to Stravinsky to Jelly Roll Morton and others.

(Also see The Art of the Rag by The New England Ragtime Ensemble.)

Qty: CD Price: $12.00

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

The New England Ragtime Ensemble 
David Reskin, flute, piccoloBruce Creditor, clarinetRobert Winiker, trumpetThomas Foulds, tromboneGary Ofenloch, tubaCyrus Stevens, Amy Teare, violinJames Froelich, violaBruce Coppock, celloEdwin Barker, bass
Myron Romanul
, pianoMark Belair, drums Gunther Schuller, conductor
Lynda Jacquin
, oboeDiane Heffner, clarinetMarlene Mazzuca, bassoon
George Sullivan
, French horn
1. Original Rags (1899) 4:35
2. Elite Syncopations (1902) 3:49
3. Bethena A Concert Waltz* (1903) 4:41
4. Wall Street Rag* (1909) 3:49
5. Magnetic Rag (1914) 4:50
6. Palm Leaf Rag A Slow Drag (1903) 3:26
7. Solace A Mexican Serenade* (1909) 4:56
8. Euphonic Sounds A Syncopated Novelty* (1909) 4:05
9. Peacherine Rag (1901) 3:40
10. Scott Joplins New Rag (1912) 4:04
11. Pine Apple Rag (1908) 3:57
12. Gladiolus Rag (1907) 3:50
*Arranged by Gunther Schuller
Recorded on 15-17 December 1973 and 4 January 1974 in Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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