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Thomas Oboe Lee:
Departed Feathers
DEPARTED FEATHERS coverOriginal jazz compositions by jazz and classical musician Thomas Oboe Lee and Brad Hatfield, including Lee's Morango...Almost a Tango and Hatfield's Carol's Out of School.

(Also hear other compositions by Thomas Oboe Lee on Kronos Quartet: Symbiosis and Marimolin.)


"Lee's flute is a real asset ... an enjoyable LP." —Cadence
Not currently available on CD.
Thomas Oboe Lee, fluteBrad Hatfield, piano, synthesizerJerry Bergonzi, tenor saxophoneJohn Lockwood, bass, electric bass; Alan Hall, drums
Ray Frisby
, percussion
Side A
1. Frogs! (Thomas Oboe Lee) 6:27
2. July (Brad Hatfield) 6:00
3. Carol's Out of School (Hatfield) 7:00
Side B
1. Morango...Almost a Tango (Lee) 6:38
Thomas Oboe Lee: Double "L" Triptych
2. I.           5:00
3. II.           3:32
4. III.           7:14
Recorded July 6-7 & 29, 1984 at Kevin Tracy Productions in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Producer: Departed Feathers, Inc.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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