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Higher Primates:
Environmental Impressions
Newly released on CD!
Digitally remastered.
An unusually beautiful and evocative set of group improvisations featuring some of the New York's top young jazz musicians: Glenn Davis, Peter LeMaitre, and Ron Glick, percussion;  Ed Schuller, Roy Cumming, and Ratzo Harris, bass;  Mark Reboul, saxophone; and Herb Robertson, trumpet.
"...a group of talented, mature, sensitive musicians ... fine, collectively improvised compositions."  High Fidelity
Now available on CD!

Qty: CD Price: $12.00

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Herb Robertson, trumpetMark Reboul, saxophonesEd Schuller, Roy Cumming, Ratzo Harris, bassGlenn Davis, Peter LeMaitre, Ron Glick, percussion
Side A
1. Phases 6:42
2. Outbound 1:34
3. Vocalise 1:34
4. Earthsounds 16:37
5. Catharsis 27:26
(1-4) Recorded Oct. 17, 1983 at Little Apple Studios in Raritan, New Jersey, and (5) recorded April 18, 1983 at Fox Farm Studios in Asbury, New Jersey.
Produced by Gunther Schuller
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