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Tom McKinley/Ed Schuller:
Life Cycle

LIFE CYCLE coverA set of originals and standards, including Jerome Kern's I'm Old Fashioned, Ed Schuller's Life Cycle and Zoology, and Tom McKinley's Silver, Walk and Three Flowers

"Displays power, a large sound, harmonic and melodic imagination." 
—Boston Herald

"Ed Schuller is a considerable musician with a very promising
compositional skill."

Not currently available on CD.
Joe Lovano, alto & tenor saxophones (except Side A-3, Side B-2);  
Tom Harrell
, trumpet (except Side A-1,3, Side B-2); Gary Valente, trombone (Side A-1 only)Tom McKinley, pianoEd Schuller, bassBilly Hart, drums
Side A
1. Life Cycle (Ed Schuller) 10:47
2. Silver (Tom McKinley) 6:12
3. I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern) 6:03
Side B
1. Walk (McKinley) 6:21
2. Three Flowers (McKinley) 6:08
3. Zoology (Schuller) 6:24
Recorded on June 22, 1981 at Dimension Studio in Boston, Massachusetts.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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