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Yesaroun' Duo

Between 1999 and 2004, the Yesaroun’ Duo, Samuel Z. Solomon, percussion, and Eric Hewitt, saxophones, commissioned and premiered twenty-six new works for saxophone and percussion and were featured in recitals all over the northeast United States, in Cuba, and in Italy. Yesaroun’ has been featured as soloists with the New England Conservatory Composers Orchestra in NEC’s Jordan Hall, has been Ensemble-in-Residence at Harvard University, Princeton University, and The Walden School, has performed as part of the Princeton Marimba Festival, New York City Day of Percussion, Harvard University Group for New Music, the 54th annual Cantors Assembly Convention, Juilliard Summer Percussion Seminar, New England Conservatory Composers Series, Brandeis University Composers Series, and has appeared on Public Radio.

HeavyUp/HeavyDown is a two-disc set that includes world premiere recordings of six works written for Yesaroun' by Jefferson Friedman/Crom-Tech, Tolga Yayalar, Curtis Hughes, Lei Liang, Bob Hasegawa, and Dominique Schafer, plus works by Iannis Xenakis, Louis Andriessen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and John Cage.

Qty: 2-CD Price: $20.00

Also available for downloads on Spotify as well as other digital sites.



Eric Hewitt, saxophones / Samuel Z. Solomon, percussion


HeavyUp (Disc One)
Crom-Tech/Jefferson Friedman, Eight Songs (1997/2004)
1. Ex-Prestu: Plod 01:09
2. Bramix-Q: 49 Face 01:12
3. Prux-norplexoxix 01:11
4. Elprod-11 01:01
5. You not mexiquot 00:32
6. Infilto-Ships 01:01
7. To the Pods 00:59
8. Wemcraftor: Limsniffer 01:56
9. Tolga Yayalar, Inflect (2003) 10:12
10. Iannis Xenakis, Dmaathen (1976)
with Daniel Bauch, xylophone 11:05
11. Curtis K. Hughes, Two-Faced (2003) 08:45
12. Louis Andriessen, WORKERS UNION (1975)
(Live recording, May 13, 2002) 17:19

HeavyDown (Disc Two)
1. Lei Liang, Parts for a Floating Space (2002) 13:16
2. Karlheinz Stockhausen, Saxophon (1977) 05:16
3. Dominique Schafer, Triplex Unity (2003) 11:54
4. Robert Hasegawa, Ajax is all about attack (2003) 06:24
5. John Cage, Ryoanji (1983-85) 20:54
with Chris Thompson, vocals and electronics