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Susan Nigro:
The Bass Nightingale
Susan Nigro: THE BASS NIGHTINGALEContrabassoon crusader Susan Nigro has commissioned, premiered, recorded, and performed more works for the instrument than any other musician.

In this distinctive program, she performs a solo work by Ervin Schulhoff and three pieces performed with piano reductions a concert piece by Burrill Phillips, a bassoon concerto by Carl Philipp Stamitz, and a concerto by Gunther Schuller, the first ever written for contrabassoon.  Schuller prepared all three piano reductions especially for this recording that spotlights one of the instrumental underdogs of the orchestra.

Accompanying Ms Nigro on the piano reductions are Randall Hodgkinson and Leslie Amper.

[Visit Susan Nigros website.]

Qty: CD Price: $12.00

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Susan Nigro, contrabassoon
Randall Hodgkinson, Leslie Amper, piano
Disk 1
1. Ervin Schulhoff: Bass Nightingale 4:08
2. Burrill Phillips: Concert Piece 4:46
Gunther Schuller: Concerto for Contrabassoon 24:06
3. I. Andante tranquillo 9:27  
4. II. Scherzo 3:06
5. III. Lento tranquillo
IV. Allegro vivace 11:33
Carl Phillip Stamitz: Concerto in F Major 17:17
6. I. Allegro maestoso 7:17
7. II. Adagio molto 5:00
8. III. Poco presto 5:00
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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