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Robert Di Domenica:
Three Orchestral Works
SOUND ENCOUNTERS III coverIn only the second recording of any of his works, composer/flutist Robert Di Domenica celebrates fifty years of collaboration with Maestro Gunther Schuller in GM Recordings’ Three Orchestral Works, featuring three of Di Domenica’s orchestral works: Dream Journeys (1984), Symphony (1961) and Variations and Soliloquies (1988).  (Di Domenica’s first recording, incidentally, is The Solo Piano Music [GM 2001], recorded by his late wife, pianist Leona Di Domenica, to whom Three Orchestral Works is dedicated.)

Says Schuller, “Mr Di Domenica — eminent composer of 5 operas, flutist and teacher — is one of the most modest and, hence, so little known of composers and has that rare gift of combining emotional warmth with superb architectural logic.  It is high time his wonderful and important orchestra works finally be made available with this premiere recording.”

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Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Radio Philharmonic of HannoverGunther Schuller, conductor
1. Robert Di Domenica: Dream Journeys (1984) 11:19
Di Domenica: Symphony (1961) 18:17
2. I. Lento serioso — Allegro assai 4:28
3. II. Lento di molto 5:25
4. III. Scherzando 8:24
Di Domenica: Variations and Soliloquies 25:38
5. I. Variations 5:31
6. II. Soliloquy 4:16
7. III. Soliloquy 3:31
7. IV. Variations 12:11
Recorded on 11-13 December 1996 in the studio of the NDR in Hannover, Germany.
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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