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Richard Lottridge:
Wilder Bassoon
WILDER BASSOON coverIn his GM debut, Mr Lottridge pays tribute to Alec Wilder, one of Americaís most original composers who combined the music of popular song, jazz, and modern classical.    Wilder won wide compositional acclaim with his works for chamber symphony, orchestra, opera, ballet, theatre, film and especially with his popular songs written for such stars as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ethel Waters and Mildred Bailey. Mr Sinatra was so enamored with this great composerís music that he recorded and conducted Wilderís pieces for solo woodwinds with orchestra!

This much anticipated release beautifully conveys both Wilderís seriousness and playfulness, and features the first ever recording of Suite Number II for Clarinet and includes his rare piece for four bassoons here recorded as a tour-de-force finale by the remarkable Mr Lottridge.

Qty: ∑ CD Price: $12.00 ∑

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

Richard Lottridge, bassoonCarroll Chilton, pianoLinda Bartley, clarinet
Alec Wilder: Sonata III for Bassoon and Piano
1. I. Movement I 2:27
2. II. Air 3:26
3. III. Lively 2:58
4. IV. Dolce 3:18
5. V. Movement V 1:56
Wilder: Sonata II for Bassoon and Piano
6. Movement I 2:26
7. Movement II 3:33
8. Movement III 3:31
9. Movement IV 4:02
Wilder: Suite II for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano
10. I. Marcia a cinque 2:29
11. II. Expressivo e rubato 2:56
12. III. Allegretto grazioso ma piccante 2:49
13. IV. Andante cantando 2:30
14. V. Allegro con slancio 2:34
Wilder: Sonata I for Bassoon and Piano
15. I. Giocoso 2:21
16. II. Andante 3:07
17. III. Con brio 2:28
18. IV. Allegro 2:39
Wilder: Suite for Four Bassoons
19. I. Chorale Style 1:01
20. II. Groovy 1:07
21. III. Lullaby 1:19
22. IV. Jazz Style 0:42
Recorded 18-20 September 1995 at Mills Concert Hall at the University of Wisconsin.
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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