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Henry Martin:
Preludes and Fugues

Henry Martin: Preludes and FuguesThis eclectic, technically demanding, modern extrapolation of J S Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier — the direct inspiration of Henry Martin’s piece — can be performed only by the elite of today’s pianists.  This is indeed the perfect vehicle for the propulsive, expressive playing of David Buechner.  This fascinating work is a must both for the aspiring pianist and the fan of adventurous music.

Henry Martin composer, pianist and music theorist — studied with Milton Babbitt and David Del Tredici.  He received his PhD from Princeton and degrees from Michigan and Oberlin and has been awarded grants from the New School for Social Research, the Aaron Copland Foundation and the Alice M Ditson Fund of Columbia University.   Aside from composing and performing, Martin has also published two books, has written numerous articles on music theory and is currently the Director of Music Theory and Composition at the New School-Mannes Jazz and Contemporary Music Program.

Winner of the
National Composers Competition

A stunning barrage...  Bach meets Jelly Roll Morton revved up for the ’90s.  
—The Oregonian

“Martin’s style mixes elements of intensely chromatic contemporary harmony with subtle elements of jazz.  There are moody blues, toccata-like preludes, perpetual motion, finger-twisting fugues and eruptive episodes of chords and octaves ... it was impossible not to be impressed.”   
—The Boston Globe

Qty: · CD Price: $12.00 ·

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.

David Buechner, piano
Henry Martin: Preludes and Fugues
Group One (1990)    Group Two (1991-2)
1. Praeludium I (C major) 1:18    13. Praeludium  VII (E major) 1:53
2. Fuga I (C major) 2:47    14. Fuga VII (E major) 1:13
3. Praeludium II (C minor) 1:21 15. Praeludium VIII (E minor) 2:09
4. Fuga II (C minor) 2:19 16. Fuga VIII (E minor) 6:59
5. Praeludium III (D major) 2:37 17. Praeludium IX (E major) 1:06
6. Fuga III (D major) 1:39 18. Fuga IX (E major) 1:23
7. Praeludium IV (C minor) 2:36 19. Praeludium X (E minor) 4:14
8. Fuga IV (C minor) 1:42 20. Fuga X (E minor) 1:47
9. Praeludium V (D major) 1:55 21. Praeludium XI (F major) 3:09
10. Fuga V 22. Fuga XI (F major) 2:30
11. Praeludium VI (D minor) 1:01 23. Praeludium XII (F minor) 1:38
12. Fuga VI (D minor) 5:31 24. Fuga XII (F minor) 6:05
Recorded on 24-26 August 1994 at the Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts.
Produced by Gunther Schuller
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