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Collage New Music:
The Music of Louis Gruenberg
MUSIC OF LOUIS GRUENBERG coverFrom perhaps the greatest recent American composer to have fallen into obscurity, the music of Louis Gruenberg (1884-1964) ignited the second quarter of this century with its bold blending of European traditions and uniquely American strains of jazz.

Several of Gruenbergĺs most important works are collected here in superb performances by New Englandĺs prestigious new music ensemble, Collage. Gunther Schuller conducts.

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Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.


Collage New Music:

William Brown, tenorJoel Smirnoff, violin;  
Christopher Oldfather, pianoGunther Schuller, conductor

1. The Creation, Opus 23 (1925) 22:05
2. White Lilacs (1943) 6:19
Four Diversions, Opus 32 (1930)
3.    I 1:54
4.    II 1:31
5.    III 2:49
6. IV 1:45
Six Jazz Epigrams, Opus 30b (1928)
7. I 1:22
8. II 0:39
9. III 0:35
10. IV 2:00
11. V 1:02
12. VI 1:33
13. Rhapsody, Opus 49 (1945) 13:12
Recorded in (#1) February 1985 at the First and Second Church in Boston, Massachusetts, and (#2-13) June 1985 at Brown Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.
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