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John Swallow:
A Little Trombone Music
A LITTLE TROMBONE MUSIC coverFour recent trombone works by four composers from four different countries -- England, Italy, France, and the United States -- performed by one of America's premier trombonists, John Swallow: that is A Little Trombone Music

The juxtaposition of these works on one record reveals not only stylistic and nationally oriented contrasts, but fascinating commonalties and interrelationships between them.  The catalyst that binds these works together and bridges the stylistic gaps between them is jazz and improvisation.

From the Welchman Alun Hoddinott's lively jaunty syncopations and Darius Milhaud's jazz inspired vocal/theatrical effects to Gunther Schuller's varied allusions to various jazz idioms, America's only indigenous homegrown music runs like a reminding thread throughout the entire program.

"A disc I can recommend without reservation...
an excellent program."

Long out of print, now available for downloads on Amazon

(also on Apple Music, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites)

John Swallow, trombone,
studio ensembles conducted by Gunther Schuller and Arthur Weisberg
Side A
Gunther Schuller: Eine Kleine Posaunenmusik (1980)
for trombone and wind ensemble
1.    Allegro 4:14
2. Recitative 3:33
3. Scherzo 1:39
4. Chorale 5:15
5. Allegro energico 1:54
6. Luciano Berio: Sequenza V (1966)
for solo trombone
Side B
1. Alun Hoddinott: Ritornelli, Op 85 (1974)
for trombone, wind instruments, and percussion
2. Darius Milhaud: Concertino d'Hiver (1953)
for trombone and strings
Recorded on (A1-5, B) 28-30 December 1983 at RCA Studios in New York and (A6) 28 January 1986 live at Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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