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Kronos Quartet/Collage New Music:
Symbiosis coverA rare early Kronos recording. Works by two important composers.

Pulitzer Prize winner Gunther Schuller who is recognized as one of the most vital figures in twentieth century music.

Thomas Oboe Lee, born and raised in China, who taught himself music in Brazil in the 1960s and continued his studies in Boston.

Boston Globe

“More variety and quality than most contemporary programs
twice as long.”
American Record Guide

Qty: · CD Price: $12.00 ·

Also available for downloads on Amazon as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites.


Kronos Quartet:

David Harrington, John Sherba, violinHank Dutt, viola; Joan Jeanrenaud, cello

Members of Collage New Music:

Frederick T. Cohen, oboe; Robert Annis, bass clarinet; Ann Hobson Pilot, harp

Members of the trio for Symbiosis:

Anahid Ajemian, violin; Maro Ajemian, piano; Walter Rosenberger, percussion

1. Thomas Oboe Lee: The Mad Frog (1974) 9:24
2. Lee: Third String Quartet (1982) 13:08
Gunther Schuller:
Symbiosis (for Violin, Piano and Percussion) (1957)
3. Movements I & II 9:30
4. Movement II, Interlude, Movement IV 9:08
Recorded on (#1) 5 December 1983 at the First and Second Church in Boston, Massachusetts; (#2) 9 June 1983 at Different Fur Recordings in San Francisco, California; and (#3-4) October 1962 at RCA Studios in New York.
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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