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John Stewart McLennan:
Vocal and Organ Works
Vocal & Organ Works coverJohn Stewart McLennan’s music has a distinct personality and offers well-crafted, conservative styles.

The skillfully composed songs work to illuminate the texts of Joyce and Sitwell.

(Also on GM Recordings by John Stewart McLennan: Celebration: Three Orchestral Works.)

“Absorbing, searching and emotionally
powerful music.”
New York Times

Not currently available on CD.

Beverly Morgan, soprano;  Christopher O’Riley, piano;  James David Christie, organ.
Side 1
Three Songs from James Joyce 9:12
1. I. “Nightpiece” 3:40
2. II. “Alone” 2:56
3. III. “Strings in the Earth and Air” 2:36
Three Songs from Edith Sitwell 7:46
4. I. “Fires in the Heavens” 1:53
5. II. “Once My Heart Was a Summer Rose” 3:00
6. III. “The Young Spring Earth” 2:53
7. Ceremonial Music 6:40
Side 2
Triptych for organ 26:12
1. I. Maestoso-Molto più mosso e agitato-Maestoso 7:10
2. II. Allegro moderato 6:26
3. III. Grave-Presto-Grave 12:36
Recorded on (1: #1-6) 8 October 1981 at Dimension Studio;   (1: #7, 2: #1-3) 3 November 1981 at the Church of the Advent in Boston, Massachusetts.
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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