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GM Recordings Jazz Catalog
3001-3020 · 3021-3040 · 3041-3052

Cat #

Artist: Title

GM 3021 Tim Ray: Ideas & Opinions
with Rufus Reid, Lewis Nash, John Lockwood, Rob Reale, Jim Gwin
GM 3022 Eugene Maslov: Autumn in New England
with George Schuller, Ben Street
GM 3023 Orange Then Blue: Funkallero
with Matt Darriau, Tim Ray, Adam Kolker, Ken Cervenka, Andy Gravish, Rick Stepton, Roy Okutani, Peter Cirelli, Paul Del Nero, George Schuller, and others
GM 3024 Human Feel: Scatter
with Chris Speed, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo
GM 3025 Mingus Epitaph Rhythm Section: Out of the Blue(s) – The Session 2    
GM 3026

Joe Wilder/Britt Woodman/John LaPorta/ Jack Wilkins: 
Playing for Keeps

GM 3027 Bill DeArango: Anything Went
with Joe Lovano, Ed Schuller, George Schuller
GM 3028 Orange Then Blue: While You Were Out
featuring Dave Douglas, Chris Speed, Matt Darriau, Andy Laster, Cuong Vu, George Schuller, Tim Ray, Dave Ballou, Bob Bowlby, Rick Stepton, Mark Taylor, Paul Del Nero, and others
GM 3029 Ivo Perelman: Man of the Forest
with Billy Hart, Joanne Brackeen, Nana Vasconcelos, Mark Helias
GM 3030 The New England Ragtime Ensemble: The Art of Scott Joplin
Gunther Schuller, conductor
GM 3031 Jamie Baum: Sight Unheard
with Dave Douglas, Kenny Werner, Jeff Hirshfield, Drew Gress
GM 3032 Mika Pohjola: Myths & Beliefs
with Mick Goodrick, Bruno Råberg, Roberto Dani
GM 3033 Fred Hersch/Michael Moore/Gerry Hemingway: Thirteen Ways    
GM 3035 Mili Bermejo & Dan Greenspan: Duo    
GM 3036 Jimmy Weinstein: Sound Emotion
with Chris Cheek, Masa Kamaguchi, Elie Massias
GM 3037 Mark Helias: Fictionary
with Ellery Eskelin, Mark Feldman, Mike Sarin, Tom Rainey
GM 3038 Mark Whitecage: Split Personality
with Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen
GM 3039 Lisa Thorson: Resonance
with Tim Ray, David Clark, George Schuller, Cercie Miller
GM 3040 Orange Then Blue:
Hold the Elevator: Live in Europe and Other Haunts
with Chris Speed, Andrew D’Angelo, Andy Laster, Cuong Vu, Tom Varner, Matt Darriau, Jamie Saft, Reid Anderson, George Schuller and others
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