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2001-2022    2023-2044    2045-5002

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Artist: Title
GM 2001 Robert DiDomenica: The Solo Piano Music 2 2
GM 2003 John Stewart McLennan: Vocal and Organ Works
GM 2004 Music for the Underdogs of the Orchestra
Music by Williams, Schuller
GM 2005 Bach: Partita Number 5 in G Major
Rachmaninoff: Corelli Variations
Frederick Moyer, piano
GM 2006 Louis Krasner: 20th Century Masterpieces for the Violin
Works by Berg, Schoenberg
GM 2007 Kronos Quartet: Symbiosis
Works by Gunther Schuller & Thomas Oboe Lee
GM 2008 Bourland: Seven Pollack Paintings
Busch: Drei Nebel Lieder
Consoli: Fantasia Celeste
Collage New Music Ensemble
GM 2009 John Swallow: A Little Trombone Music
Music of Berio, Schuller, Hoddinott, Milhaud
GM 2010 Richard Todd: New Ideas    
GM 2011 Frederick Moyer: Three Centuries Live
Works by Haydn, Brahms, Prokofiev
GM 2012 Rachmaninoff: Sonata in G Minor for Piano & Cello, Op 19
Tchaikovsky: Pezzo Capriccioso, Opus 62
Frederick Moyer, piano;   Nancy Green, cello
GM 2013 Robert Dick: The Other Flute
Works by Dolphy, Varese, Paganini, Dick
GM 2014 McKinley: Fantasia Concertante
Mamiya: String Quartet Number 1
Sequoia String Quartet
GM 2015 Collage New Music Ensemble: The Music of Louis Gruenberg  
GM 2016 Reger: Studies for the Left Hand
Walker: Piano Sonata Number 4
Ravel: Valses Nobles et Sentimentales
Liszt/Busoni: Three Paganini Etudes
Frederick Moyer, piano
GM 2017 Douglas Hill: A Solo Voice
Works by Apostel, David, Hill, Reynolds, Schuller
GM 2018 Schubert: String Quartet Number 15 in G
Franz Schubert Quartet
GM 2019 Imbrie: Pilgrimage
McLennan: Essay
Collage New Music Ensemble
GM 2020 Carter: Canon for Four/Pastorale/
Esprit rude/esprit doux/Enchanted Preludes

Perle: Sonata a 4/Lyric Piece/Sonata for Cello & Piano
Da Capo Chamber Players
GM 2021 Schuller: Duologue
Paine: Violin Sonata
Rafael Druian, violin; Benjamin Pasternack, piano
GM 2022 Paul Austin Kelly: 20th Century Art Songs
Works by Britten & Quilter

2001-2022    2023-2044    2045-5002

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