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GM Recordings, Inc.
P.O. Box 894
Wingdale, NY 12594
Phone: 718-854-6727


Remastered Albums

GM 2004
Gunther Schuller; Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Music for the Underdogs of the Orchestra
GM 3003
Higher Primates:
Environmental Impressions

Gunther Schuller photoGunther Schuller presents...

GM Recordings, Inc., was founded by music icon Gunther Schuller in Boston in 1981 to unite discerning and open-minded listeners with accomplished, innovative composers and musicians who might otherwise go unrecorded. 

Schuller, a Pulitzer Prize winning recipient of the Down Beat Lifetime Achievement Award and an inaugural inductee of the American Classical Music Hall of Fame, is widely known for his holistic view of music, seminal jazz history books, and his role as the father of the Third Stream movement. 

With Schullerís expert ear as its guide, GM Recordings was one of the progenitors of the now common independent label concept, releasing over 110 uncompromising jazz, classical, and multi-genre recordings over the last 25 years. 

Running the gamut of modern jazz and classical music without regard for commercial trends, GM has produced several debuts, world premieres, and historical reissues.  Throughout the last two decades, the label has excelled at documenting the fertile Boston music scene, recording stars on the rise like Kronos Quartet, Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas, continuing to record veteran artists like Ran Blake and Russell Sherman, presenting challenging works by composers like Milton Babbitt and Eliott Carter, resurrecting the works of American composers like Scott Joplin and John Knowles Paine, and presenting artists and ensembles that defy categorization.

GMís mission to offer the public music that is increasingly ignored by large commercial labels continues into the 21st century with samplers, new releases, and reissues that mark the 20th anniversary of the label.

With state of the art technology and a history of supporting creative, incomparable musicians, each new release continues to present fascinating challenges for both the casual listener and the music connoisseur. 


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